Loving a Beautiful Mind is the story of a brilliant man who while preparing for a promising career in academia was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The book tells the heart-wrenching story of the effect of mental illness on marriage and family. This onset of schizophrenia predates the advent of support groups that now give education and assistance to families dealing with mental illness.

The participants in this story relied only on a powerful God to answer their prayers and meet their needs. Seen through the wife’s intimate viewpoint, the book follows her courageous journey through devastation, hope, and finally resignation to her husband’s altered future.

Be inspired by the faithfulness of a personal God Who works wonders in the life of both partners. For the author, the reward that came from loving this beautiful mind was an illumined understanding of mental illness and a revitalized faith in a living God.



Having traveled the world during retirement, Carolyn T. Linn anticipates a final trip that will take her to aheavenly home. Since her husband’s death in 2004, the author has been curious about what goes on in heaven. She has gleaned material from the experiences of people who have seen heaven through visions or near -death experiences.

Her account describes the moment of death for those bound for heaven. She gives details of heavenly life, peopleto see, places to visit, entertainment to enjoy and the worship of God at His throne. Be inspired by her use of the biblical “Song of Songs” to give a picture of God’s passionate love for people. For those not sure of their destiny,she gives a glimpse of hell and tells how to avoid it.


Author Carolyn T. Linn already described the wonders of life after death in the inspiring book Heaven is Amazing! She can imagine her husband in an incredible environment of peace, joy, and beauty, surrounding the throne of God with Jesus Christ His Son. She knows she will see him again!

In Loving a Beautiful Mind, Carolyn tells the gripping story of her life with a schizophrenic husband and the faith that sustained them throughout their marriage. The author is a retired educator and banker who enjoys travel, art, and volunteer work. She lives in Fresno, California.


The Interview With Author Carolyn T. Linn

Carolyn T. Linn discussed her experiences and the inspiration behind writing the books “Loving a Beautiful Mind” and “Heaven is Amazing” in this interview.

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