Schizophrenia and an Amazing God!





Loving a Beautiful Mind is the story of a brilliant, talented man who while preparing for a promising career in academia was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Written by his wife of over forty years, the book tells the heart-wrenching story of the effect of mental illness on a marriage and family. The experience is told from the standpoint of an active faith in Jesus Christ, dedicated to living life with a mighty God who loves His children.

The onset of schizophrenia for this couple predates the advent of organizations and support groups that now give education and assistance to families dealing with mental illness. The participants in this story relied only on a powerful God to answer their prayers and meet their needs. And God does not disappoint!

The memoir includes an increasing awareness of brain diseases, progressing from stigma-filled superstition to scientific enlightenment and successful treatments. Modern pharmaceutical research and improved methods of managing schizophrenia enhanced the lives of this couple. Seen through the wife’s intimate viewpoint, the book follows her courageous journey through devastation, hope, and finally resignation to her husband’s altered future.

Be inspired by the faithfulness of a personal God Who works wonders in the life of both partners, bringing about the arrival of a New Love beyond all imagination! For the author, the reward that came from loving this beautiful mind was an illumined understanding and a revitalized faith in the God of all healing.


Some people talked about mental illness, but with no medical background, I knew nothing of that unspoken subject. I was too busy caring for two toddlers, working part-time, and managing the rental property we lived in to research mental illness at the library; and the development of the worldwide web was decades away. I did not think that my wonderful husband could possibly be mentally ill. No one in his family had mental problems. The topic was a huge unknown.


One month ago today on September 24, 2004, Maynard died while he slept. He struggled little and slipped peacefully into God’s heavenly kingdom. From the earthly world of pain, he has crossed over to the place of no more tears or sorrow. He has entered into the presence of Christ, and he is whole and perfect, free of voices, paranoia, and delusions. He is the young and beautiful man I married and the man God created to be his witness through heartache and struggle. He had held fast to the faith that was given to him by his heritage.


From my dream, which filled me with joy, I realize that I have a new Lover who knows me better than I know myself. He loves me and cherishes me as a king loves his princess. He showers me with gifts of love and beauty. He sees me through my struggles and protects me from what would try to destroy me or cause me grief. He has chosen me as his bride; I have chosen him forever. He is the Lover of my soul!


Having traveled the world during retirement, Carolyn T. Linn anticipates a final trip that will take her to aheavenly home. Since her husband’s death in 2004, the author has been curious about what goes on in heaven. She has gleaned material from the experiences of people who have seen heaven through visions or near-death experiences.

Her account describes the moment of death for those bound for heaven. She gives details of heavenly life, peopleto see, places to visit, entertainment to enjoy and the worship of God at His throne. Be inspired by her use of thebiblical “Song of Songs” to give a picture of God’s passionate love for people. For those not sure of their destiny,she gives a glimpse of hell and tells how to avoid it.

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